UAVfarmer consists of a high resolution camera attached to a quadcopter that launches to the sky and is to be used by large scale farmers to survey their plantations and collect real time data. The Uganda climate consists of the dry and wet seasons and quite often large scale farmers are unable to tell how the different climatic conditions and their variations are treating their crops in real time.

Usually the large scale farmers organize survey parties consisting of local inhabitants to traverse the large plantations. These surveys usually take weeks and sometimes months aside from being costly. Skyfarmer is can be launched from any spot to fly preprogrammed coordinates or be controlled by remote control from the ground as it flies in the sky. During flight, Skyfarmer transmits live feed video to a smart gadget or P.C that can be manipulated to get various forms of data.

The live video feed received from the high resolution camera provides data on the crops and their health, pest and disease infestation if any, growth rate. Through video flittering algorithms, an infrared image can be created that will help tell crop water levels thus identifying blind spots in the irrigation system. Furthermore, Skyfarmer can be sent out any time and covers up to five acres of land in under fifteen minutes. This saves a lot on time and other resources as one craft replaces a work force of twenty men. 

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