Kiiki is a prototype system that enables dumb and deaf people to communicate to anyone that doesn’t know or understand Uganda sign language. Kiiki comprises of a software embedded on a smart gadget or PC and an external camera. While pointing the camera at the person making the gestures, the camera picks signals in form of video transmitting them to the software that translates them to text on a monitor or screen and speech on a loud speaker. In turn Kiiki can also convert speech from a microphone or text from a keyboard into sign language gestures on a monitor or screen. Our first prototype is built with demonstrations in the health sector.

Dump people are unable to communicate freely in society. It takes training in sign language to be able to communicate, even then communication is only possible to someone that has had a similar training in sign language. It takes an interpreter for a dumb person to communicate even when in need of basic services such as healthcare. This communication barrier has made people not cable of speech unwelcome at work places, hospitals, and schools, sometimes even in their own homes. 

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