Fundamentals of Prototyping (Foundation 2)

This module is centered on phase 1 prototyping. In this course, students are taught to interface microcontrollers with almost anything. Through this, students learn to build microcontroller based electronic devices that do all kinds of things. This module is founded upon open source technologies such as Arduino, Android, PHP and MySQL. Therefore, students also get to learn a bit of Web programming and Android application development alongside embedded systems development. This is estimated to take 48 hours.


(72 HRS)

C programming 18 HRS Students are introduced to the C programming language as a springboard to programming in a general sense
Introduction to Embedded systems 18 HRS An introduction to basic embedded electronic circuit design and microcontroller programming using the Arduino
Introduction to Web Development 18 HRS An introduction to the world of web programming using MySQL, PHP, CSS and HTML
Introduction to Android programming 9 HRS An introduction to android programming using the MIT Android App inventor
Integration 9 HRS Integration of Embedded, Web and Mobile technology in one application