Interfacing Devices Through the Internet (Track 3)

T03 is strictly a software course. It is based upon open source platforms such as android, python and PHP. The course goes into detail programming where students develop android applications, web applications and desktop applications. The theme of track 3 is the Internet of Things, therefore there is plenty of emphasis on interfacing devices through the internet. All of the skills in this course are currently on high demand in the emerging technological Africa. This is estimated to take 72 hours of learning.


(72 HRS)

Linux Administration 18 HRS An introduction to managing Linux OS on the raspberry Pi by means of command line interfacing
Raspberry Pi web interfacing

& Display

18 HRS Interfacing the raspberry Pi with web applications and managing Display on raspberry Pi by means of the Web for multimedia.
Raspberry Pi hardware interfacing 27 HRS Interfacing the Raspberry Pi with high level and low level hardware
Raspberry hardware & web integration 9 HRS Integration of Web interfacing and hardware devices on raspberry Pi