Over 30 million Ugandans still lack access to electricity today, off-grid electricity is an immediate solution though it’s growth is stagnated by the initial cost and the poor aftersales support. We are solving this challenge with Remot, a smart off-grid information system already in use by 22 solar contractors. With Remot, solar systems are monitored and controlled remotely while providing proper Customer Relationship Management. Remot consists of hardware and software, the hardware is embedded with sensors to measure panel production, user consumption and battery storage data which is uploaded via a GPRS connection to the server based web system. Using custom algorithms Remot provides key information to stakeholders.

Remot disrupts the ordinary solar business by eliminating the need for huge capital investments in last mile reach infrastructure such as physical branches and vehicles, reducing it to purchasing and connecting our hardware to a solar system. Our mobile money integration ensures transparency and quick response to clients. Making investment in solar business cheaper, decreasing risk in operations and making distribution more efficient means that

  • More affordable small payments make solar accessible to more consumers and
  • Solar companies can quickly scale their operations to reach more households.

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