World health organization estimates that more than half a million women lose their lives in the process of reproduction worldwide every year and most of these mortalities are avoidable if mothers have access to maternal health care services.

Uganda as a country records an inadequate utilization of antenatal health care programs. A Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (UDHS) conducted in 2006 shows that on average, only 16% of women used the full content of antenatal care. Only 12% of women had a urine sample taken, 28% a blood sample taken, and 53% their blood pressure measured. Almost two-thirds of women (63%) took iron supplements, 77% had their weight measured, and 27% were given drugs for intestinal parasites.

Antenatal care (ANC) is a key strategy to improve maternal and infant health. However, survey data from sub-Saharan Africa indicate that women often only initiate ANC after the first trimester and do not achieve the recommended number of ANC visits and those are the ones in the urban areas. In rural areas 90% of the pregnant mothers never get access to antenatal health care throughout their pregnancy.
This all shows that access to antenatal health care for expectant others in Africa is still quite low and is an issue that has to be addressed if we are to achieve the targets of the Third Sustainable Development Goal, “Ensure healthy living and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”.

Since everyone can get a UTI from a dirty toilet or sexual partner, UriSAF allows you to test your urine in their privacy, get to share results with their doctor and get prescriptions. The last mile solution to reduce the 800 women who die each day from preventable causes related to childbirth and pregnancy. What can it detect? Acidosis, dehydration, diabetic ketoacidosis, diarrhea,kidney failure, kidney tubular acidosis, pyloric obstruction, respiratory alkalosis, urinary tract infection more to be identified. Urine tells a lot on what is happening in your body.

UriSAF is a portable healthcare kit for maternal and sexual reproductive healthcare for testing UTI’s gestational diabetes, ketosis and things mothers test for when they go for antenatal care check ups. 

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