Arduino Wifi Smart Car

UGX 820,000


UNO R3 Robot main control module+Arduino PWR robot motor driving plate with motor and servo driver

- Robot-eyes HD camera, manual to adjust the focus
- Robot-Link and external antenna high gain and far distance WIFI module
- Solid tyre+EMC electromagnetic filtration motor
- Aluminum alloy motor fixed block
- Infrared tracking / obstacle avoidance sensor
- 6-12V motor
- 10*speed control system
- Dynamic video: resolution: 640*480p
- 2DB external high gain wifi antenna and real-time transmission
- Support Windows, Android, iOS weirless control
- PCB 1.6mm

UNO R3 main control board+WIFI Arduino PWR motor driver:
- Dock with UNO R3
- Communication with WIFI module and supply power with USB cable
- 7-14V input
- 2 channel motor interface that can drive 36W motor
- 2 channel video gimbal servo interface
- All the I/O of UNO has been led out

Size: 25.5*14*13cm
Note: This product is no battery or gimbal.

Package included:
- 1 x Arduino UNO R3 driving board
- 1 x Arduino motor PWR motor driving module
- 1 x Robot-Link 4.0 AR HD WIFI video transmitter module,external antenna 2db
- 1 x PCB multifunctional 4WD Chassis
- 4 x EMC TT motor
- 4 x Solid rubber wheel
- 1 x Robot eyes WIFI robot HD camera