What We Do

Innovex certificate

Our initiative to train and equip the youth with skills in electronics hardware and pertinent software is in a bid to garner a critical mass that will drive the technology revolution locally. Our special tailored curricula involves will equip the novice with skills in basic electronics, embedded systems, mechatronics and other fields that are requisite for robotics.

We also provide web and mobile application development training which is essential as a platform for some solutions. We encourage our trainees to start with an innovation in mind and accomplish it by the end of the training-you are the judge of your own progress. Imagine building a system where a fridge tells you how much electricity it’s sucking up and how much the hourly electricity bill is in real time, and relaying all this information on your mobile phone!

Innovex store

We have established several partnerships with global hardware manufacturers to enable you access components and equipment at the lowest market prices that are key to bringing your Science and Technology ideas to life.


With our basic background as innovators, we as well build custom solution for home, industrial and business automation. Innovex is the parent company of Remot, an IoT platform used by solar business to foster and grow their businesses.